di Irene

“Adopt your vineyard” is the program we have designed for those who want to experience the vineyard life directly from home

Every wine lover has dreamed, at least once, of being a winemaker and carrying out all those typical activities of the vineyard and cellar:

Following the phases of the vine, taking care of it, seeing the small changes that follow each other day by day, being able to witness the evolution of the vineyard and putting into practice the actions necessary to get to the harvest

Adopt your vineyard it is all this, directly to your home or to the person you want to give this experience in a 12-month journey

A year marked by monthly emails with which to learn and see through videos and images what happens in the vineyard through the eyes of those who live that vineyard every day

A year also to be tasted, thanks to the pack of 6 bottles containing the wine produced with the grapes of the chosen vine

You can choose between two wineries that we have carefully and personally selected for their professionalism and the passion they put into their daily work

Tqo wineries located in two of the main wine producing regions in Italy …


The row that you will adopt in Tuscany – or that you will give away – is located in Vinci, in the province of Florence, where the Chianti area begins. The row is in the vineyards of Casalsole, a young winery already established in the area and ready to welcome you with open arms in this new experience!


We are in Torre Santa Susanna in the province of Brindisi, in the heart of Salento, one of the most interesting wine-growing regions on a national level. The row is located in the vineyards of La Pruina, a family business where passion and love for wine are the daily watchword!

Two regions, one goal: to live a unique, educational and fun experience capable of catapulting you into the vineyard all year round!

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